A great read about Istanbul


To say goodbye to Istanbul after 28 years of living in the city, I take one of my favourite walks, from Pera’s Tünel square, wandering down the hill through Galata and then along the Golden Horn sea inlet. For me, this jumble of shops, alleyways and quaysides best conjures up Istanbul’s heady mix of peoples and history: Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, republican Turkey, and a global megacity on the make.

I head off from my much-loved century-old apartment building, with my wife, my youngest daughter and, passing through like so many others, a childhood friend from South Africa. Some of these travellers are lucky, some not: outside the castellated gateway of my neighbour, Sweden’s two-century old consulate general, Syrians stand in line hoping for visas to Europe.

Tram passes by houseSwedish consulate better

On the same street, tourists are busily clicking off photos of one of Istanbul’s red and white, Belgian-built electric street tram, restored to service in 1990…

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God… What was I thinking?
Another reason to believe I’m a bit crazy (read: stupid).
It could be much simpler if I were a little bit lazy.
I’m a perfectionist too – those stones should align properly.
They should look like they’ve always been there naturally for ages…
I can’t just drop ’em and go.

I will post my “achievements” soon.
Because… that place doesn’t look the same anymore.

They have built a shopping mall there.
(Not really, just trying to be funny).


Think before you blog

So true.
What do I do, now?
I must be punished for dis.

Caught when capturing, originally uploaded by ilterocktive.

I wash cats and take their picture in my spare time.
No, I was kidding.
Actually this is how I earn my life.
No, wait…

Benden blog’çu mlog’çu olmaz kardeşim.
İnsanın içinde yazma şevki, zamanı ve ihtiyacı olacak bir kere… 🙂
Belki birgün bir işe yarar. Dursun.
Neme lazım, takma ismimin klonlarıyla (ya da versiyonlarıyla) internette gezinenler var. Bakarsın buraya bile (!) el atarlar!! 😛 🙂
Atsalar ne olur gerçi…
Esra’nın parçasına geri döneyim ben, yakalarsa beni çiğ çiğ yer. Ya da ben kendimi yerim.

Harun bugün RSS feed için birşey hazırlamış gece gece (dün gece yani).
Bir deneyeyim dedim, iki saat alamadı feed’i bu zımbırtı.
Tekrar deneyeceğim.
Şu anki link:
(Hani “isteyen olursa not düşeyim” diye yazdım. Pardon yapıştırdım).

Sen o kadar gez, dolaş, ama adam gibi bir blog’un olmasın,
iyi mi? İyi.
Belki bu bir başlangıç olur. Devamı gelir.
Ama ne zaman?